April Ryan, WH Press Reporter, accuses Trump of making racist comments HE NEVER MADE!

Spicer clearly had no idea what she was talking about, nor did anyone else for that matter. But yesterday evening Ryan substantiated her claim on Twitter:

And here’s the actual video she was linking to:

“We cannot let our First Amendment rights be taken away from us from us. We can’t let it. We have the right to speak, we’re law-abiding people, we’re people that work very hard. We’re people who’ve built this country and made this country great. And we’re all together and we want to get along with everybody, but when they have organized, professionally staged wise guys, we’ve got to fight back, we’ve got to fight back.”

The only problem is that NOTHING he said in that video was racist at all. He wasn’t talking about ‘White America’, as Ryan absurdly claims. He was talking about all Americans, particularly the ones who came to see him. He was arguing against the left who was trying to disrupt his protests like we saw in Chicago, when they had to cancel their rally the day before!

As Alex Griswold points out at Mediaite:

“You could only read and hear the above and come away with a racially exclusionary message if you were already convinced Trump was a racist and was ready to see racism in any mundane statement he made. There’s just nothing in it to suggest he was speaking specifically about “white America” as Ryan claimed at the White House.”

If I were the White House I would absolutely demand an apology, and if she doesn’t relent, then I’d ban her from the White House. You just can’t be flippant about these baseless and absurd racist accusations.

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