Homer Hickam

Author of  the #1 New York Times best-selling memoir “Rocket Boys “, the inspiration for the movie “October Sky”, and many other books(see all Homer Hickam books HERE) appears on The Morning Show with Toni & Gary several times per year.   Homer brings light-hearted fun as well as knowledge of NASA, space, the coal industry and many other subjects to the show.

One of Homer’s hobbies is paleontology.  His love for dinosaur hunting is expressed in his latest book “The Dinosaur Hunter”.  His latest trips to Minnesota have yielded many prehistoric crocodile bones as well as these T-Rex teeth…

Homer’s other hobby is SCUBA diving.  At his vacation home in the U.S. Virgin Islands(which you can see and rent HERE), Homer and his wife Linda love shooting video of the beautiful underwater world.   See some of Homer’s underwater adventures below.  You can also visit Homer’s YouTube Channel  HERE

Homer Hickam’s first Kindle Single, “Paco: The Cat Who Meowed in Space”, is available HERE.  Homer’s latest novel “Crater”, A Helium 3 Novel, is out on April 10, 2012.  Buy it HERE.   You can learn more about the “Helium 3” series HERE.

Homer Hickam sponsored a contest for garage or professional bands to enter. All they had to do is record a song based on the lyrics of “Moon Dust Girl” in Homer Hickam’s big new science fiction novel “Crater”.  Here are some of the best entries.

You can visit Homer’s official website HERE.  Become Homer’s Facebook friend HERE.

Linda Hickam, Homer’s wife, is a member of The Rocket City Glass Girls.  You can see some of their work by liking their Facebook page HERE.


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