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Antifa, Leftists Riot in Phoenix; CNN Blames Trump’s ‘Angry, Divisive Speech’

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Rioting broke out among leftists in the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s Tuesday rally in Phoenix, AZ. Police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.
Shortly after the president’s speech ended and night fell in Phoenix, protesters began to throw water bottles and scream obscenities at police.

After being told to disperse, some refused to do so. CBS News reported they were met with tear gas and “less lethal rounds,” commonly known as rubber bullets.

Boston Antifa Protester Attacked by Fellow Activist After Being Mistaken for Neo-Nazi

Protester Gets Shot In The Groin With A Bean Bag

Black Trump Supporter Punched While Fleeing Arizona Melee

A black supporter of President Donald Trump was punched in the face after leaving the president’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona Wednesday night.

A few thousand protesters showed up outside the event, and things were mostly peaceful until the end of the rally, when Trump supporters filtered out of the Phoenix Convention Center and police had to use tear gas to manage the crowds.

One violent clash between Trump supporters and protesters was caught on video by New York Times correspondent Simon Romero, showing a pickup truck packed with MAGA-hat-wearers arguing with protesters surrounding the truck.

In the video, one of the MAGA-hatters, a black man, restrains his friend following a shouting match with protesters, and the friend eventually gets into the driver’s seat of the truck while the black man hops in the bed with two others.

The driver appears to turn his wheels and attempt to drive into protesters on the sidewalk, causing a commotion. He then continues on the road slowly, until one sign-bearing protester charges up to the bed of the truck and punches the black man repeatedly in the face.

The truck stops briefly and reverses, before eventually driving away.

Watch the scuffle above.

The clashes at Trump’s rally come just one week after a white nationalist rally in defense of Confederate monuments in Charlottesville turned violent when a neo-Nazi plowed his car into a group of counter-protesters, killing one and injuring scores more.

Trump defended his widely decried response to the Charlottesville terror attack in his speech on Tuesday night, blaming the “crooked media” for painting him as a racist.

Philip Crowther on Twitter: “My footage from Boston: violent clashes between the police and protesters

USC’s Mascot, A Horse Named ‘Traveler’, Not Politically Correct Because Name Similar To Robert E. Lee’s Horse

In California, the raging U.S. cultural battle over Civil War icons has spread to the names of horses.

At the University of Southern California, a student group has declared the equine mascot of the school’s Trojans football team to be a symbol of “white supremacy.”

Why? Because the horse bears a name similar to that of a steed that belonged to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

The USC football horse is called Traveler (one L), while Lee’s horse was known as Traveller (two L’s).

The student group’s leader voiced her disapproval of the home team horse’s name earlier this week, at an on-campus rally to protest last week’s violence in Charlottesville, Va.

“White supremacy hits close to home,” Saphia Jackson, co-director of the USC Black Student Assembly, told fellow students, in pointing out the similarity in the horses’ names, student newspaper the Daily Trojan reported.

The Black Student Assembly didn’t respond to a Fox News inquiry on whether the group wanted Traveler renamed or removed.

Fake News: CNN Says Antifa “Activists” are “Seeking Peace Through Strength”

Very #FakeNews CNN defended the alt-left Antifa terrorist group saying these thugs with bats are “seeking peace through strength.”

They are actively pushing violence folks.

ANTIFA Throw Bottles of URINE at Boston Police Officers

The Boston Police Department is calling on Antifa to immediately cease throwing urine at its officers. “#BPD is asking individuals to refrain from throwing urine, bottles and other harmful projectiles at our officers.” tweeted the Boston Police Department.

Boston Police Commissioner confirms bottles filled with urine were thrown at officers during protest.

Reporter Michele McPhee tweeted a photo of Antifa members, writing “Counterprotesters have been asked by @bostonpolice to stop assaulting cops with bottles of urine etc”.

TRUMP Condemns Alt-Left Anti-Police Protesters in Boston

Thousands of alt-left Antifa terrorists joined the march in Boston today against Free Speech.

Dozens of alt-Left protesters attacked the Boston police.

The alt-left came out in force to protest a free speech rally in Boston Commons.

Antifa brought sticks with nails on the ends.

CNN calls this “peace through strength.”

President Trump tweeted out against the violent anti-police protesters.

Vandals Apparently Deface Christopher Columbus Statue in Texas

Vandals apparently defaced a Christopher Columbus statue in Houston, Texas, on Thursday night shortly before a “Destroy the Confederacy” protest scheduled for Saturday.
Breitbart Texas reported on Thursday that a “Destroy the Confederacy” protest is planned for Sam Houston Park across from City Hall this weekend. Organizers warn on their protest notice – “*Do NOT bring children.”

An organization “committed to protecting Texas and Texas History,” This Is Texas Freedom Force (TITFF), say demonstrators intend to tear down a Confederate statue in the park. They also warn there will be violence. Black Lives Matter of Houston, one of the organizers of the protest, has told protesters to meet at the “Spirit of the Confederacy Statute.” There have been cries by groups to have the monument in the park removed.

Spirit of the Confederacy Statue in Sam Houston Park. (Photo: Bob Price/Breitbart Texas)

The Houston Chronicle reports that a Christopher Columbus statue in a Houston neighborhood was apparently defaced with red paint. The statue was reported to be in Bell Park in the Montrose neighborhood, near downtown Houston and the Museum of Fine Arts. The article also states that a police officer in the city was at the park late Thursday night but could not confirm whether the Christopher Columbus statue was vandalized.

A online petition has been started to petition the City of Houston to “Remove Houston’s Confederate Monument.” At this time, its sights are aimed at the “Spirit of the Confederacy monument. Approximately 2,500 supporters have signed on. The petition states:

The Confederacy represents not only treason against the United States but a system of institutionalized terrorism against non-white people and a militant defense of one of the most brutal forms of chattel slavery to ever exist in human history.

We do not seek to erase this past from our history; what we seek is to erase attempts to romanticize, praise, and glorify this past. All students should be taught the history of the [C]onfederacy and the crimes against humanity for which it stood. We should all be reminded of our past so that we can see the present in its full context.

The petitioners ask that the Confederate statue is replaced with a monument erected to: “a) Victims of Slavery, b) Abraham Lincoln or c) Fallen Soldiers of the Union in the Civil War.”

The Democrat mayor of the nation’s fourth most populous city, Mayor Sylvester Turner, asked officials this week to study whether Confederate statues should be removed from city property.

Breitbart News reported Thursday that a new poll by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist shows that 62 percent of the respondents said Confederate statues honoring leaders should remain. Twenty-seven percent said they should be taken down, and eleven percent said they were unsure. Respondents included 36 percent Democrats, 26 percent Republicans and 37 Independents.

The city of Houston is named after General Sam Houston, the leader at the Battle of San Jacinto which ended the Texas Revolution. General Houston became the president of the Republic of Texas and then governor. Houston was removed from office when he would not swear allegiance to the Confederacy. He was a slave owner.

Confederate Statue Toppler May Get Scholarship

The student charged with pushing down the Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina on Monday may be rewarded with a scholarship for her actions from North Carolina Central University.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on Wednesday that proposals are being made at the college to award Takiyah Thompson, who has been charged with two felonies—participation in a riot and inciting others to riot—for her actions.

News that Thompson was involved in the demonstration was reportedly met with widespread support from campus faculty and students in her Introduction to Political Science class.

“I saw the demonstration and the toppling of the monument. I think it’s a healthy thing for students to have a voice and to be leaders in activism,” said Jim C. Harper II, chair of the history department. “We’re going to do everything we can to support Ms. Thompson.”

Her professor, Allan Cooper, said that the entire class applauded when he revealed to them that Thompson was the person charged with toppling the statue. Following the news, Cooper sent an email to the chair to propose giving Thompson a scholarship.

Thompson wasn’t the only person involved in vandalizing the Confederate statue, which was dedicated to the boys who died in the Civil War, but she was the among the few rioters identified in video footage.

Scott Holmes, a professor at NCCU’s law school, is legally representing Thompson and other rioters who were arrested, pro bono.

“She is an inspiration to watch,” said Holmes. “She gave a brilliant interview, was arrested, came out and had a big smile on her face. She is resilient and smart and knows she’s done something that has awakened the conversation around race.”

Other professors at NCCU are reportedly raising money to cover the legal costs for the rioters.

Violence Against Far-Right ‘Not A Crime

Frmr Philadelphia Mayor and Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo’s Statue Spray-Painted With ‘Black Power’

Leftist Vandals Target Sec. Ben Carson, Spray Painted “F*ck Trump” On His House

New Orleans’ Joan Of Arc Statue Vandalized With ‘Take It Down’

Another day, yet another statue of a military hero is reportedly under fire. This figure astride a horse was vandalized with the spray-painted words “Tear It Down”.

Who was this historical figure? General Lee? Stonewall Jackson? Nathan Bedford Forrest?

No, this was a figure who hails from the north.

Of France:

The phrase “Tear it Down” was hastily sprayed in black paint across the base of the golden Joan of Arc statue on Decatur Street in the French Quarter sometime earlier this week. It has since been removed, with only the vaguest traces of the paint remaining.

The “Tear it Down” tag would seem to relate to the debate surrounding the city’s ongoing removal of four Confederate monuments. But the statue of Joan of Arc, a 15th-century military leader, martyr and Catholic saint, hasn’t been mentioned in the controversy to this point.

Amy Kirk Duvoisin, the founder of the annual Joan of Arc parade that ceremonially pauses at the statue on the first day of Carnival season, says she’s confused by the vandalism.

“Surely, people realize she’s not related to American history,” she said referring to the French icon.

New Hampshire GOP Headquarters Vandalized With Word ‘Nazis’

When media praises radicals, attacks the President for criticizing them, they feel free to attack and do as they please.

Vandals on Wednesday night spray painted the word “Nazis” in the shape of a heart on the side of the New Hampshire Republican Party headquarters.

In addition to the graffiti, the Concord headquarters also had a window broken by a rock, the Concord Monitor reported Thursday.

Patrik Hynes, a senior adviser for the Republican Party, said workers noticed the graffiti on Thursday morning but it did not appear as though anyone tried to gain entry.

Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway monument tarred and feathered

Durham, NC Antifa Spotted Carrying Weapons

Seems peaceful?


A day after the horrific violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, which left one person dead when a white nationalist drove his car through a group of counter demonstrators, a rally against white supremacy was held in Richmond. A local CBS reporter was sent to the hospital when an Antifa protester struck him in the head with an object (via WTVR):

The journalist, who was not on the clock but was recording video for the newscast on his phone, recorded video of a large crowd of Monument Avenue protesters passing by The Camel, a live music venue, on West Broad Street.
“Stop filming bro,” one protester yelled.

“I can film whatever I want,” the CBS 6 staffer replied in the video. “Get out of my face.”

The employee said protesters then put the flags in his face to block his camera view and intimidate him.

“That’s when then I extended my arm above the flags to try to get a better shot of the protest,” he said. “One member of the group hit the phone out of my hand and my natural reaction was to push them out of my personal space. Immediately following I was hit in the back of the head with a some type of blunt object.”

Police officers responded and the journalist was transported via ambulance to the hospital, where he received four staples in his scalp. He was later released from the hospital.
“This is not a peaceful protest,” he wrote.

At the time, it was unknown if the person who assaulted the reporter was Antifa. Now, we do know —and they posted a recount of the events on their FB page. Of course, it was absurd. They claim he was acting like a drunken person, giving the finger with both hands to the crowd. This is a lie. You can see it on the video footage. The best part is that when they say you can hit someone because you feel scared, or something. That’s still assault, children:

This man ran out of the The Camel as the funeral March proceeded by. He was not working at the time so we can only assume he was drinking and made one bad choice after the next.

He didn’t identify himself as press nor was he wearing anything that identified him as such.

This man ran at a crowd that was holding space for our murdered comrade with just his iPhone.

Due to the intensity and context of this time people are very scared of white men running full speed at them with iPhones as this is the exact behavior of a white supremacist trying to out identity of people of color and anti fascists in order to invoke fear.

Additionally, they also use press footage constantly to do this.

When this man ran up he was told people did not want to be filmed. He proceeded to film anyways. He was then told AGAIN that he was not to film people’s faces. He proceeded anyways. He intentionally ignored the denial of consent, still without identifying himself (though we still wouldn’t care), which was a threat to safety and should be considered in a context of perpetuating rape culture. Denial of consent by the media is still a denial of consent and is disgusting and parasitic behavior.
At this point there were folks that felt they were in extreme danger as no one knew who this man was or what his intentions were. He was now considered combative, aggressive and advancing with violence.

Then he got hit. Once. We aren’t sure with what or by who but he did and it was all due to his own ridiculous, likely drunk, behavior.

This is what happens when you make people feel scared and purposefully incite anger.
Virginia is a single-party consent state. The reporter was also on a public property. Guy wrote a post earlier today where CNN’s Jake Tapper reminded us that Antifa has assaulted reporters.

Statue Of Catholic Saint Vandalized

Several people stopped by a statue of Father Junipero Serra in a park across from Mission San Fernando on Thursday after a photo made the rounds on social media appearing to show the statue had been vandalized.

A picture circulating Facebook showed the statue spray-painted red and the word “murder” written on Serra in white.

While city officials would not confirm the authenticity of the photo or the clean-up, CBS2 reporter Crystal Cruz saw red paint on Serra’s arm and a swastika on the statue of the child standing next to him.

“Everyone’s entitled to their own public opinions and thoughts,” said Cristian Mendoza. “But once it gets to this level I don’t think it’s right.”

“I came because some friends posted a photo of the defaced statue and I wanted to see if it was in fact correct,” Paul Minette said.

The photo comes at a time when many are calling for the removal of controversial statues. Some argue Serra is not the saint the Catholic Church paints him out to be. Instead, they claim he used California Indians and destroyed part of their culture.

“I think the statue should come down from this park, and then put some appreciation to the Native people that live here,” Cristian Ramirez said.

“It’s a beautiful park for people to enjoy and for others to come and take that away from us is wrong,” Minette said.

Antifa Started Violence In Charlottesville, Police Directed White Nationalists To Disperse To Where Antifa Was

Antifa Protesters Crash Heather Heyer’s Funeral

A group of antifascist protesters armed with purple shields and bats showed up to the Wednesday funeral of a woman mowed down by a white supremacist who struck her with a vehicle.

Antifa, a collection of left-wing protesters, decided to crash the funeral of Heather Heyer, a white woman who died after a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of protesters during a white nationalist riot.

The antifascist activists claimed they showed up armed because “the police won’t protect the people,” according to a reporter on the scene.

Heyer died during a white supremacist rally over the potential removal of a Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee. The rally broke out into violence between armed white nationalists and antifa protesters throwing balloons filled with ink and urine and bricks at the white nationalists gathered there.

The line to enter Heyer’s funeral, hosted at the Paramount theater in Charlottesville, reached two blocks.

Protesters topple Confederate soldier statue in downtown Durham

Durham Vandal Is Pro-North Korea Marxist

One of the activists who toppled a Confederate statue in Durham, N.C., on Monday night is a member of an extreme leftist group that supports the totalitarian regime in North Korea and wants to abolish capitalism.

Taqiyah Thompson, a student at North Carolina Central University, was arrested Tuesday following a press conference in which she defended the actions of the demonstrators and equated police officers to Confederate soldiers and Ku Klux Klan members.

“I did the right thing,” she said. “Everyone who was there — the people did the right thing. The people will continue to keep making the right choices until every Confederate statue is gone, until white supremacy is gone. That statue is where it belongs. It needs to be in the garbage.”

Thompson is a member of the Worker’s World Party (WWP), a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist group originally formed in 1959 as a hard-line offshoot of the more moderate Socialist Workers Party. In addition to supporting a wide range of far-left causes, the group also defends the North Korean regime of dictator Kim Jong-un against alleged U.S. imperialism.

The Durham Branch of the WWP called for Monday’s demonstration in “solidarity” with local anti-racist and anti-fascist forces, according to the group’s website. The group says it organized the protest in response to events in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday where three people were killed when a white supremacist rally descended into street battles with counter-protesters.

Video of the gathering shows Thompson climbing to the top of the statue and placing a rope around its neck the before fellow protesters pulled it down from its base.

The day after pulling down the statue, Thompson and fellow WWP members gathered at North Carolina Central University to demand that demonstrators receive amnesty from prosecution. Thompson argued that that Durham’s law enforcement officers were agents of white supremacy akin to Confederate soldiers and hate groups.

“If we understand history, we know that those boys who wore the gray, today they wear blue, and they wear sheets over their heads,” she said, referring to Ku Klux Klan garb.

Durham police took Thompson into custody following the press conference. Authorities have charged her with disorderly conduct by injury to a statue, damage to real property, felony participation in a riot with property damage in excess of $1,500 and felony inciting others to riot, according to jail records.

In a blog post on the WWP website, party member L.T. Pham said the group would seek to destroy other Confederate monuments.

“This is the first rope of many to pull down the pillars holding up white supremacy and capitalism,” he wrote Tuesday. “The powers that be will crumble under the power of organized people! Down with all statues of the Confederacy! Down with white supremacy!”

Journalist Accused Of ‘Looking Like A White Supremacist’ By Anti-Fascists

VA Police Spox Confirms: Yes, Violence In Charlottesville Was “On All Sides”

Charlottesville: Examples Of Violence

Inauguration Protest In Washington Turns Violent

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Calls Out Antifa Violence

MSNBC’s ultra liberal Chris Matthews actually called out Antifa violence and questioned who they are what it is that they stand for exactly.

Lecia Brooks, of the Southern Poverty Law Center fought back claiming masked Antifa members “take a principled stand to stand against white supremacists wherever they may show up.” What she really means is that if you are a Trump supporter, you are a white supremacist.


“I know their name is anti-fascist. Do they only go after fascists or anybody, say, in the global economic community they don’t like? Matthews began.

“No. They are strictly anti-fascists. They have taken a principled stand to stand against white supremacists wherever they may show up,” Brooks responded.

“Well, who were waving the clubs on that side? There was one group that was jumping in and punching the Nazi-types,” Matthews said.

Chris Matthews then questioned who Antifa is and how they define fascism, “I first heard somebody refer to a fascist as anyone working in the administration at the time, anyone working for Johnson, anyone working in the government. Any business person was a fascist. How loose of a term is that for the Antifa people?”

Chris Matthews brought up Antifa’s violent past, “So Antifa doesn’t engage in Occupy-type behavior against global meetings, for example, business leaders? They don’t go after institutions that are not fascist?”

Of course Brooks from SPLC avoided the question.

Antifa members routinely burn American flags while proudly waving the Soviet flag, but we’re supposed to believe they are patriotic Americans? Only mentally ill liberals would believe such nonsense.

Communism killed MILLIONS of innocent people. Antifa are hardcore, violent left-wing terrorists who want to burn America to the ground. They must be designated as a domestic terrorist organization.


On June 2, 2016, Trump supporters were assaulted, spit on, beaten, cold-cocked, egged, chased, tackled and bloodied as they left the San Jose Trump rally by mobs of far left, Mexican nationalist, Socialist, SEIU and anarchist thugs.

One female Trump supporter was egged and spit on by hundreds of Mexican nationalists chanting “F*ck you!” Another Trump supporter was cold-cocked with a bag of rocks while walking to his car and left bleeding.


Trump supporters were seen running for their lives.


The San Jose Police released documents on the planned brutal assault of Trump supporters. An undercover San Jose Officer reported after the rally that throughout the afternoon and evening he watched several individuals wearing “Trump” articles of clothing getting punched, kicked and pushed. But the police did very little to protect them.

TRUMP SUPPORTERS WERE BEATEN-BLOODIED Outside #DeploraBall – Pummeled With Eggs, Batteries!


A TRUMP SUPPORTER was Punched, Beaten, Spit On, Mugged Outside the California GOP Convention


Leftist Thugs BEAT Peaceful Trump Supporters At Berkeley #March4Trump Rally


Protesters Storm Gov’t Building, Burn County Flag, Hoist ‘Antifa’ Flag

Atlanta’s Peace Monument, Desecrated By Protesters, Champions Unity, Not The Confederacy


Protesters took to the streets in Atlanta and elsewhere Sunday night, outraged over the violence in Charlottesville, where a “Unite the Right” rally clashed with counter protesters. Heather Heyer, 32, was killed when a car plowed through a group of pedestrians. James Alex Fields Jr., 20, a failed military aspirant whose former high school teacher said he was “fascinated with Nazism” and “idolized Adolf Hitler,” was charged with second-degree murder and was denied bond on Monday.

The Atlanta march traveled from Woodruff Park to Piedmont Park Sunday, where some damaged the Peace Monument, erected in 1911. The sculpture features an angel standing above a Confederate soldier, guiding him to lay down his weapon.

“I completely understand what happened,” said Thornton Kennedy, a sixth generation Atlantanwho has taken his children to visit it many times to explain Atlanta’s history. “It’s a statue that, to the observer, looks like a Confederate memorial.”

But it was erected to champion unity, not venerate the Confederacy.

When the Civil War broke out, members of an Atlanta militia called the Gate City Guard were among the first to take up arms against the North. Afterward, some survivors became part of what would eventually become the Georgia National Guard. Others, who felt they were too old to fight any longer, took up the cause for reconciliation.

“These guys realized a national healing needed to take place,” said Kennedy, a history buff who keeps the three-volume set “The Chronicles of the Old Guard” on his bookshelf. “They organized a peace tour of the North, which is really remarkable. These were guys who fought in the Civil War, against Union troops. They would go meet with Union soldiers and began to repair those fissures the war created. It speaks to what we call the Atlanta spirit.”

Abe Lincoln Statue Vandalized In Chicago – Locals Take To Social Media To Call Him Racist

In the most dumbfounding vandalism of the year, somebody set an Abraham Lincoln statue on fire in Chicago on Wednesday, according to 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez.

The monument has stood near 69th & Wolcott St since it was erected in 1926. It is now blackend by fire.

By all appearances, somebody dumped accelerant on the bust and then lit it on fire.

According to Alderman Lopez, Chicago PD is investigating who committed the act and what their motivation was.

Abraham Lincoln, who led the Union to victory in the civil war and ended slavery, appears to be an unlikely target for vandalism. At least, that’s what I would think. Based off of the comments of some locals, Abraham Lincoln was a racist who said a lot of “racist sh*t.”


Also, if you stand up for Abe Lincoln, you’re a “suspected racist.”


Technically, the statue could be considered to be in the classification of “civil war monuments” which have come under fire of late, but the controversial monuments are on the Confederate side.

The statue was originally erected by the owner of the Lincoln Gas Station when Wolcott Street was known as Lincoln Street. Not much else is known about the statue.

The statue had been in disrepair for many years before the vandalism. Resident Pearlin Fields told dna info years ago that the statue was so worn, she doubted that the average resident even knew that the statue was supposed to be of Abraham Lincoln.

This leaves us to wonder. Did some idiot in Chicago see a statue and assume that all statues are racist now? Did they specifically target the Abe Lincoln statue? Was it committed by some neo-Nazi who was inspired by the destruction of confederate monuments? Was it somebody with Antifa who wanted to frame the pro-monument crowd? Was it somebody with the pro-monument crowd who wanted to frame Antifa?

Considering the statue’s history, only locals would be likely to be aware of its existence. My guess is that it’s a local idiot who wanted to jump on the statue-destroying bandwagon. What do you think? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.