Toni’s Bio

Toni Lowery is a well established personality in north Alabama , having worked several years at WBHP’s sister station 102.1 WDRM from 1987 to 1992. She was born in L.A. and there began her radio career in 1980′s as an afternoon drive announcer. In 1992 Ms. Lowery joined Gary Dobbs on WAAY-TV’s (ch 31) popular “Waay Too Early” morning show. In 1999 she and Dobbs left WAAY to take their show to the UPN affiliate, WHDF.

In January, 2005, Toni and Gary joined the Clear Channel family with their own brand of morning Talk Radio.

Toni has 3 children; Alicia, Cody and Chance.


11 responses to “Toni’s Bio

  1. Were you all celebrating St Patty’s day, today????
    Was it just because you weren’t going to be in next week?
    I almost wore green to work today because I thought my calendars were wrong. I mean, you are always right, right? 😉

  2. Toni, you shouldn’t make fun at those college students’ answers. It wasn’t too long ago you didn’t know Romans were Italian, or wine is fermented.

  3. Food stamps are paid for by who? The tax payers. So now as a tax payer, I’m paying for someone to go out and party. A little over the top here but, this same person could be the one who commits a crime or gets behind the wheel and kills someone else. Quit partying with my money and get a job.

  4. Toni: You talked to me on Thursday and then I heard the replay on Saturday.
    I am Mike from Nebraska that moved here. Is there anyway to get a sound
    byte so that my wife can hear the interview? Thanks, Mike Krueger better known in the blogs as mrshinola. (I know the difference between Obumwadd and shinola) And also, soon to be known as Captain Super from Rocket Ciry.

  5. correction…..Rocket City.

  6. Daniel Passwater

    You had someone on last year that would collect gently used coats. Could you please share who that is, if they’re still doing it?

  7. Folks, the bin ladin seal who claims he got out of the service after 16 years probably did so to prevent his ex wife from getting half his pension….he does get veterans preferance in every government job. With his skills he could easily make 200 to 500k a year in many position in the us or overseas……this man deserves our grattitude, not our sympathy

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  9. February 21st is Warden David J. Wise’s Birthday, Friday big 57, Thanks for the prizes, but missed Nicks, Hooty Whooo !!!!!

  10. I have stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh because he has become a Trump campaign ad. I had to turn off your show this morning for the same reason. Sad since I truly enjoy Homer. Could you go back to your original format please. Donald can afford his own campaign ads unless he is paying for your show time. I really enjoy listening to your show on the way to church each morning but …….

  11. Toni, with your LA MS connection, you need to go to Ruth Rose Southern Tea House. Owner is from LA but family from MS. So, menu is MS soul food recipes.

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