Alabama issued this car tag, then someone said, ‘Excuse me?’

unnamed (1).jpg

Photos of an Alabama car tag reading “FKYALL” have been popping up on Facebook this summer. But the tag’s days of fame may be numbered.

After either approving the wording or letting it slip through the cracks, the Alabama Department of Revenue has sent the vehicle’s Madison County owner a letter. The letter dated July 24 says, “This message has been rejected for display … deemed offensive to the general public.”

The Madison County License Department showed a reporter its copy of the state’s rejection letter with the owner’s name removed. The letter arrived in the office in Huntsville today.

The tag is one of many specialty Alabama tags supporting organizations including universities and colleges and, in this case, the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The special tags cost $50 extra, which goes to the sponsoring organization.

“The Personalized Message Review Committee of the Alabama Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division, received a request for review of the above referenced personalized license plate,” the letter to the tag holder said. “The message is rejected for display on a license plate as requested.”

The owner can appeal the decision to the Alabama Tax Tribunal. He or she can also surrender the tag and get a new one supporting the same organization at no extra charge for the licensing period.


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