Angela Merkel attacks G20 protestors in Hamburg

Anarchist protesters attempted to blind German police officers and helicopter pilots amid violent clashes during the G20 summit in Hamburg.

Almost 200 police officers have been wounded as an estimated 10,000 thugs went on the rampage for a second night in the northern German port city.

Shocking images show green lasers strobe the police lines in an effort to blind officers involved in attempts to secure the city.


Members of the anarchist Black Bloc have split throughout the city, setting alight cars and looting shops while groups fight riot police.
More than 20,000 police have been deployed in the northern German port city to protect world leaders attending the G20 conference.
One video shows protesters smashing the windows of parked cars before tossing in marine flares to firebomb the vehicles.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has hit out at protesters after chaos in the city of Hamburg as thousands of demonstrators clashed with police on the day the G20 summit opened.
US First Lady Melania Trump was earlier trapped inside her hotel after rioters firebombed a police station and set cars and buildings alight in the German city.
Police have called for reinforcements after tens of thousands of protesters descended on Hamburg, causing chaos.
The fires burned across the city as the world leaders attending the G20 conference spent the evening listening to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and dining in style.
Police said at least 196 officers were injured in the clashes, with 83 protesters temporarily detained at the scene and 19 taken into custody.


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