New Black Panther Party Clashes With Police During Alton Sterling Protest

The New Black Panther Party clashed with police Wednesday afternoon during a march on the anniversary of the fatal police shooting of a black man.

The New Black Panther Party, along with other protesters, marched from the grocery store where Alton Sterling was shot last July to the Baton Rouge Police Department headquarters.

Protesters stood outside a barrier Baton Rouge police constructed in front of their headquarters. The situation escalated quickly when some protesters tried to cross it despite police commands not to do so. Officers used stun guns and Tippmann PepperBall guns to stop the protesters from crossing through the barrier.

Four men and three women were eventually arrested and charged with misdemeanor entering and refusing to leave, and resisting an officer, Sgt. L’Jean McKneely, the police spokesman for the department, said.

“We didn’t hinder them when they were up underneath the tree. We didn’t hinder them when they were across the street,” McKneely said.


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