London Bridge attack: Waiter stops terrorist from entering

CCTV footage has captured the heroic actions of a restaurant worker who blocked a door from being opened by one of the Borough Market terrorists.
The dramatic footage shows Sergio Farina throwing his weight behind the door at Arthur Hooper’s bar as the knife-wielding killer tries to force his way in.
Horrified revellers are also seen piling into the bar to escape the terrorist just before Mr Farina put his body on the line.

Originally from Spain, Mr Farina managed to protect everyone inside with the killer eventually abandoning his efforts to get inside.
Three jihadis killed seven people and injured 48 after ramming a van into pedestrians on London Bridge and then abandoning the vehicle and embarking on a stabbing frenzy in the busy nightspot.

Mr Farina was even able to open to door to allow a fleeing member of the public in, before shutting it again.
One of the terrorists, seen wearing a fake suicide vest, is then shown trying to repeatedly open the door.

Mr Farina told ABC International ‘all he could see was a guy with dynamite’ as he tried to lower the bar windows’ shutters.
He added: ‘We did not know how many terrorists there were and whether they would return.
‘You do not even think about it. I could have left, as everyone did, but I would have left 28 people behind.’


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