President Trump makes special visit to graves of Iraq, Afghanistan war soldiers, talks to families

President Trump just didn’t so the normal ceremonies today that are required on Memorial day. After his speech at the wreath ceremony, he went to section 60 at Arlington where soldiers from both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars are buried and he spoke with the Gold Star families.

It was a pretty amazing moment from today and you can watch it below:

No matter what we think of Trump’s policies, it was great for him to go to Arlington to pay his respects to the fallen soldiers today and listen to the stories from the Gold Star families.

He also visited with General Kelly who lost a son in the Afghanistan war:

It’s great to see a president who cares about the fallen and kudos to Trump for doing this today.

Here’s Kelly talking about his son a few days ago on Fox and Friends:

I love how he almost got choked up there for a second describing what a wonderful man his son was. He kept his composure better than I did.

So when you comment below on this, keep it classy and respectful.


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