Obamas continue jet-setting $15k per night Tuscan villa, escorted by 6 fighter-jets, 13-car motorcade

In last week’s visit to Italy, Barack Obama complained about global warming and climate change.

On Friday, the former president and his wife Michelle arrived in Tuscany aboard a private plane, escorted to a military base by six fighter jets, then whisked away in 13-car motorcade to a private villa where the stay costs regular folk $15,000 per night.

But the Obamas will likely not be paying for their five-night stay at the refurbished 14th century village as it is owned by Obama’s former ambassador to Italy, John Philips, the Daily Mail reported.


The former president and first lady landed at Grosseto Air Base on Friday, escorted by six Eurofighter Fourth Wing jets.

Italians lined the streets to get a glimpse of the former president’s armored Chevrolet as it passed in the motorcade on its way to the Tuscan villa Borgo Finocchieto, which sits on six acres of rolling hillside about 45 miles south of Florence.


Obama spoke at the Seeds and Chips Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan last week, preaching about climate change and the “problems that were caused by man.” But the size of his carbon footprint did not seem to be an issue as the former president launched into another of multiple vacations he has taken since leaving the White House in January.

Italian authorities have ensured a safe and private stay for the Obamas, who will reportedly have the entire 14th century village to themselves.


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