Did You Know The Ok Symbol Is A White Supremacist Symbol?

unnamed jpeg.jpg

It started as a 4Chan troll in February. Then careless media picked it up, did no research at all, took troll info and presto, story!

The theory that President Trump has been flashing some sort of hand signal to his white supremacist base isn’t new; the U.K. Express reported back in January on conspiracy theories claiming Trump’s A-OK sign — “Mr Trump pinching his thumb and index finger together” — actually represented the number “666” and was an open acknowledgement of his membership in the Illuminati.

Fake news isn’t going to keep writing itself, so the U.K. Independent this weekend picked up the “secret hand signal” ball and ran with it. It’s just a conspiracy theory, they acknowledge, before devoting an article to it.

Here’s the thread from /pol/ originating the troll in February

Here’s a sample:

unnamed (1) jpeg.jpg

Notice the feminist nature and if you look at the followers only 14. This was one of the 4Chan trolls trying to push it, pretending to be a feminist.

unnamed (2) jpeg.jpg


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