Woman’s pet snake gets stuck in her earlobe


Don’t let your pet snake crawl into your earlobe.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but an Oregon woman unfortunately faced this scaly situation in January.

The ball python, whose name is Bart, ended up inside Glawe’s stretched earlobe purely by accident.

She was merely playing around with the reptile when it got a little curious. Then, she realized she couldn’t get it out.

“BY FAR one of my #CRAZIEST life moments!” Glawe wrote in a Facebook post. “Went to the #EmergencyRoom because my #BallPython #Python #Snake decided to get #STUCK in my #Gauged earlobe!”

One of her friends informed commenters that doctors at Portland Adventist Hospital made a slight cut in Glawe’s ear, then used Vaseline to help the snake wiggle out.

Glawe later commented that it hurt “a little” and the snake escaped totally unharmed.


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