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US Planes Left ISIS Fuel Tankers Unharmed Because ‘They Ran Out of Ammunition’

The U.S. military conducted a second wave of attacks on (parked) ISIS oil tankers in Syria on Sunday, Nov. 22, but the attack fell short of its goal:

“The goal was to destroy every truck there. They ran out of ammunition before they were able to do that. But the desire was to destroy every single truck there,” said Army Col. Steven Warren, the spokesman for the U.S.-led coaltion fighting ISIS.

At a news briefing on Tuesday, Warren played video of the ISIS fuel tankers being bombed or shot with machine gun fire from the air. Warren said all the trucks were targeted, but the video just shows “the good shots that you’d like.”


As was the case with an earlier U.S. strike on ISIS fuel tankers, the Americans dropped leaflets warning the truck drivers that an attack was coming, so the tankers were not moving.

Warren called the airstrikes “another example of the type of accuracy that we’re capable of here in the coalition.”

A total of 283 fuel trucks were destroyed by American planes on Sunday: “A bomb would have been from an A-10, and then when you saw the guns, you know, the machine gun fire, that could either have been an A-10 or AC-130 Spectre Gunship.”

“It’s not a movie where you kind of fly along and just strafe, and you know, the trucks blow up. No, it’s — they struck each truck, or groups of two or three trucks. It is a machine gun, so there is a certain area aspect to it, right? You know, the gunfire isn’t laser guided…So it’s individual strike a truck, or two or three trucks; move to the next batch, strike them; move, strike; move, strike.

“So the goal was to destroy every truck there. They ran out of ammunition before they were able to do that. But the desire was to destroy every single truck there.”

Combined with an earlier U.S. strike on ISIS fuel tankers, the U.S. military has now destroyed 399 of them, but Warren would not say how many are left: “I’m not going to tell you the total number of trucks out there…but we’ve still got a long way to go on trucks,” he said.

Warren also disputed Russia’s recent claim that it had attacked and destroyed 500 ISIS fuel tankers in the “same general region” last week.

“From what we saw, the battle damage assessment they issued seemed to be exaggerated. More than likely the Russian attacks did not produce the results that they claimed it produced.”

Warren said the U.S. estimates that Russia destroyed only around 100 tankers.

Theatres Ban Ad With Lord’s Prayer Because It ‘Could Cause Offense’

5 Shot In Minneapolis After #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Surround, Attack And Chase Group

Although it is not completely clear, the five people shot appear to be Black Lives Matter folk, none of the injuries are life-threatening.

This story is still developing but the Black Lives Matter crew has already blown it into something else. There was an ongoing protest by the BLM at the 4th precinct in Minneapolis over the shooting of Jamar Clark. The BLM claims that that 3 masked ‘white supremacists’ who had been at their protest before now came wearing bullet proof vests and masks and shot them. This is what they told media and police, some media already running with the ‘white supremacist’ story. Media really should know at this point that they need to fact check everything that the BLM says.

The video, taken from a livestream at the protest, shows that the protesters surrounded this group of men, began questioning who they were, punched them and chased them prior to any shooting. We do not know that the group was white, and we do not know yet that they are the ones that did the shooting, since the only source for said information is the BLM.

In the Star Tribune, the protesters described this event as trying to ‘herd the group’ away from the protesters, although no one apparently asked the protesters-why are you doing that?

The BLM propaganda wagon is in full swing on this, but let’s see if facts will out…


Here’s more video. Here you can see the group of three people being surrounded by the BLM. You see on the left hand side of the action, it appears someone is being held and is trying to get out.

One member of the BLM turns back and tells the person with the camera to put the phone camera away, clearly not wanting it to capture what comes next.


The BLM has been unable to get their story straight. First, they said three white men in masks and bullet proof vests, now they say two white people and an Asian man. Apparently white supremacists aren’t what they used to be, they’re taking in Asians now…

In accounts given on social media and to Ms. Noor, witnesses described the gunmen as three men, two white and one Asian, wearing masks and bulletproof vests.

Ms. Noor, who is seen in this video claimed she was one of the people ‘escorting’ the men away from the group. Which means the police should be having a talk with her about the assault on the men. Apparently the BLM, who are protesting in a public street near the police station feel it is their right to ‘escort people away’ and ‘kick out’ white people.



There is no sound, but as you can see this is video taken from the perspective of the alleged ‘shooters’. You can see they are approached by the BLM and although the video is unclear, the video appears to support that they were attacked. You can also see that the story told above by Mickey Noor, the BLM woman in the above video, who said simply that she helped ‘escort the men away’ to their car is not a complete or true statement.

Police are now reporting that they have arrested two of the three men, and that one is Hispanic:

Minneapolis police said they arrested a 23-year-old white man in Bloomington at 11:20 a.m. Tuesday. A second shooting suspect, a 32-year-old Hispanic man, was arrested in south Minneapolis at 12:05 p.m., police said on Twitter. The search for other suspects continues.

Authorities are weighing whether to treat the shooting of five people protesting near the Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th Precinct Monday night as a hate crime, sources familiar with the investigation said Tuesday morning.

Obama Says He Will Stand Up To ISIS By Attending Global Warming Conference

Trump defends claims he saw Jersey Muslims celebrating 9 11

New Jeb Bush Ad Attacks Donald Trump For Liberal Past