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CNN Contributor Hilary Rosen Falsely Claims Georgetown Student Wearing Bacon-Suit Is Anti-Semitc

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CNN political contributor Hilary Rosen has come under fire for calling a Georgetown student dressed in a bacon suit an anti-Semitic bigot.

‘Look at the guy in the “bacon suit”,’ Rosen tweeted with a photo of the student standing up dresesd in a bacon-themed onesie during the basketball game between Georgetown and Syracuse on Saturday.

‘This is a Georgetown #Hoyas fans anti-Semitic smear to the Syracuse team,’ she added in the tweet that has since been deleted off of her Twitter page.

After the game was over, Rosen also followed up that tweet with another.

‘Hey bacon-man. #Syracuse for the win. Bigots lose. Bye #Hoyas #Cuse,’ Rosen tweeted.

Once folks got wind of her tweets on Twitter, several criticized her for using ‘misinformation’ and urged her to delete her tweets.

‘He’s not a bigot. Please delete this inflammatory tweet that uses misinformation,’ one Twitter user wrote.

Another user claiming to be the bacon-suit wearing guy’s friend tweeted: ‘He wears the suit because his last name is Bacon. Don’t create your own narrative and delete this tweet.’

One person tweeted: ‘You should be extremely embarrassed by this. I hope there are repercussions for you implying someone is a racist.’

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