Week 1 Games:

Georgia VS North Carolina
Alabama VS USC
Auburn VS Clemson
Ole Miss VS Florida St.

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Send in only the differentials in the scores not the actual scores, i.e. Alabama by 7 points.


Liberty Revere 23…Contents Not Included

Whoever gets closest to the average game differential will win $100 in cash from Bo Thomas, Thomas HVAC! The runner-up will get a $50 cash prize from Carey Rosenblum, Rosenblum Realty. Then, at the end of the season, all entrants have a chance to win a Liberty Safe from Haley’s Flooring & Interiors!

Each week’s games will be posted to this page no later than Tuesday morning. You have until midnight on the Friday before game day to get in your guesses. If one of the games picked is played on a Thursday, the deadline will be midnight on that Wednesday before the game.

Upon winning, prizes will be available on the following Friday at 9am, unless otherwise stated.


Any one player has a chance to win one time per season, only 2 winners per family. In the case of a tie breaker, the e-mail with the earliest time stamp will be the winner. Only one entry per person, please. If it comes to light that an entry has a better score than the announced winner, both parties will be notified.  If winner of Grand Prize is under 21, prize will be awarded to Guardian.



Alabama High School Girl Fires Stun Gun at Teacher

An Alabama teenager is facing felony assault charges after she used a stun gun on a teacher trying to break up a fight between her and another girl.
Mobile County sheriff’s officials say that a video shows the teen trying to fight another girl at Mary G. Montgomery High School outside Mobile on Thursday afternoon, according to the Associated Press.

Authorities say a teacher stepped in to try to break up the fight, when the girl tasered him with a stun gun and ran.

Students looked on in shock as she ran away through the school’s parking lot.

Deputies arrested the girl despite her efforts to flee and took her to Strickland Youth Center, a juvenile detention facility, Sgt. Joseph Mahoney told

She has been charged with felony assault for tasering the teacher and misdemeanor assault for striking the other girl in the face.

Police are not releasing the girl’s identity because she is a minor.

ESPN Crank Blames Trump for Kaepernick Not Standing for National Anthem

Asked On Appropriateness Of Clinton Use Of BleachBit, White House Dodges

Bill Clinton Sought State Department OK For Paid Speeches Related to North Korea, Congo, New E-mails Show

ABC News: New Emails Show Coordination Between Clinton Foundation And State Department

49ers Fan Burns Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey to National Anthem