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A documentary on gun violence hosted by Katie Couric was apparently edited to make gun activists look clueless.

In one scene of Under the Gun, Couric interviews members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a pro-gun group.

Couric asks the group, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

In the film (clip featured above), the activists sit silently for several moments, apparently at a loss for an answer.

But raw video from the interview provided to the Washington Free Beacon shows that they did in fact have an immediate answer to Couric’s question. Listen to it below.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League is outraged about the incident and is accusing the filmmakers of deliberately misrepresenting them.

From the Free Beacon:

The Virginia Citizens Defense League labeled the deceptively edited segment featured in the film “unbelievable and extremely unprofessional.” Philip Van Cleave, the organization’s president, said the editing was done deliberately to make it appear that league members didn’t have a response to Couric’s question.

“Katie Couric asked a key question during an interview of some members of our organization,” he said. “She then intentionally removed their answers and spliced in nine seconds of some prior video of our members sitting quietly and not responding. Viewers are left with the misunderstanding that the members had no answer to her question.”

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