At a 99 Cents Only store in Houston a couple of employees got into a big fist fight over who would go to lunch first. In a video taken by a customer you see the two women punching and pulling each other’s hair. One grabs some type of canister off the checkout counter conveyor belt and begins hitting the other in the face. The first person to step in to try to break up the fight was a customer. And then a woman holding a newborn baby comes in — but she can’t stop the fight. When she steps aside, a co-worker finally appears to help the original customer end the fight.


It’s the dream of bowlers around the world: the perfect game. At a bowling alley in Cortland, New York, Ben Ketola realized that dream in 86.9 seconds. The 23-year-old ran across 10 lanes, quickly rolling balls until he reached the end of the bowling alley, and ran back to the beginning to get his final two strikes. Ketola averages 225.

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