Ga. Democrat Campaign Flier Warns of ‘Another Ferguson’

The Democratic Party of Georgia is warning black supporters that there may be “another Ferguson in their future” if they do not vote. Referring to the unrest in the Missouri city following the shooting death of Michael Brown earlier this year, the literature encourages supporters to take part in early voting.

“If we want a better, safer future for our children, it’s up to us to vote for change,” the flier reads.

The flier seems to acknowledge some of the party’s nominees this cycle may not be so attractive. “The choices may not always be perfect, but the cost of inaction is simply too great,” it says.





Deadline: Midnight Friday, October 24th

football pickem contest 2013

Week 9 Games:

Ole Miss @ LSU
Miss. St. @ Kentucky
South Carolina @ Auburn
Alabama @ Tennessee

Week 8 Winners:

1st: Glenda Yarborough Score 60
2nd: Joyce Terry Score 60

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Whoever gets closest to the average game differential will win $100 in cash from Bo Thomas, Thomas HVAC! The runner-up will get a $50 cash prize from Carey Rosenblum, Rosenblum Realty.

safe 2014GRAND PRIZE RETURNS THIS YEAR! At the end of the season, we will throw ALL entries into a Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel and draw for a Champion Safe from John David Orr, Brooks Lock & Key! (Must reside in Tennessee Valley to win)

Each week’s games will be posted to this page no later than Tuesday morning. You have until midnight on the Friday before game day to get in your guesses. If one of the games picked is played on a Thursday, the deadline will be midnight on that Wednesday before the game.

Upon winning, prizes will be available on the following Friday at 9am, unless otherwise stated.


Any one player has a chance to win one time per season. In the case of a tie breaker, the e-mail with the earliest time stamp will be the winner. Only one entry per person, please. If it comes to light that an entry has a better score than the announced winner, both parties will be notified.

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